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February 2015 (Porterville, CA) – DPI GLOBAL President Randy Walker announces the company will celebrate 50 years in business, as a global company focused on developing solutions to aid in maximizing animal and plant health, while reducing the impact on our environment.

DPI GLOBAL, headquartered in Porterville, CA., is a provider of all-natural odor elimination solutions and distributor of waste control products for animal nutrition, agricultural, horticultural and industrial application. Extensive research has always been at the core of DPI GLOBAL’s foundation.

“Our company began 50 years ago with a small group of farmers and distributors, who were processing and then distributing a product that would reclaim marginal soils,” said Walker. “Today, our company is recognized as a global leader in environmental technology, along with other developments, that have maximized animal and plant health, while minimizing the effects on the environment.”

DPI GLOBAL, which incorporated in February 1965, was founded by a group of farmers and agricultural product distributors in Porterville, CA. The company was named Distributors Processing, Inc. (DPI) with the aim of processing product for internal use, as well as to distribute product to other producers. In 2005, DPI began doing business as DPI GLOBAL to illustrate the importance of the global marketplace.

Through early research efforts, the company developed an all-natural product that increased water penetration to open up marginal soils, which led to the development of its initial trademarked products of SSO and SOS. Micro-Aid, DPI GLOBAL’s flagship technology, was trademarked in 1972. The first animal research with Micro-Aid, in the area of odor and waste reduction, was conducted at Colorado State University and the University of Minnesota in 1975.

In 1978, DPI began distributing its product to the Animal Feed Industry when it’s first Feed Industry customer came on-board with the introduction of “Top Beef”. This was followed with additional Feed Industry customers in 1982. As a result, the company took on its global role in 1987 with its first shipment of products to Japan, followed by shipments to Canada and Korea in the following years. Today, it ships to major feed companies through the United States and to over 50 other countries.

In 2007, DPI GLOBAL dedicated a new manufacturing plant, that tripled its production capacity, to help create the supply for the ongoing demand for a variety of technologies.

Over the years, the company has become the recognized authority for waste control and odor elimination technologies, as it continues to develop and distribute products to the agricultural community, that are engineered to provide environmental sustainability; odor elimination; improved animal and crop performance; waste management; water and nutrient absorption in soil; and improved water quality for aquaculture.

“We have made great progress in the agriculture, horticultural and industrial fields, as we plan to continue to develop and distribute those products,” said Walker. “We will continue our relentless search to help the farmer, his crops and his livestock to prosper in a cleaner and healthier environment.”

DPI GLOBAL, which is headquartered in Porterville, CA., manufactures products for environmental sustainability with a worldwide reputation for leadership and innovation in the animal care, agricultural, horticulture, municipal and industrial sectors. Consumers use DPI GLOBAL products with the highest degree of confidence in their quality, efficacy and reliability.

DPI GLOBAL applies its all-natural, environmentally friendly solutions to a wide variety of markets, including businesses, industries and farm operations. DPI GLOBAL serves the following industries: aquaculture, livestock, poultry, horticulture, equine and companion animal technologies. To learn more about DPI GLOBAL, visit www.dpiglobal.com.



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