It's time to learn how Micro-Aid can benefit you and your animals.
Performance Efficiency

Performance Effiency In AnimalsMaximum Animal Performance Efficiency

Micro-Aid® is as effective in today’s commercial livestock industry as it was when it was first introduced over fifty years ago. Performance and health benefits have been reported in growing swine, feedlot beef cattle, broilers, lactating dairy cows, dairy rebreeding performance, sow and litter performance, layers, turkeys, rabbits, horses, pets, and aquaculture.

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Micro-Aid Investment

Investment PhotoMicro-Aid® Investment, Return and Risk…

Technology implementation is an investment decision that is not always easy to make. However, the process is simplified, especially in a marketplace as volatile as today’s, when your approach considers important parameters including extent of research, brand name recognition, investment price, value return, risk and ease of implementation.

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Distributors Processing, Inc. (dba DPI GLOBAL), a privately owned company is the recognized authority for waste control and odor elimination technologies.  DPI GLOBAL manufactures products for environmental sustainability with a worldwide reputation for leadership and innovation in the animal care, agricultural, horticulture, municipal and industrial sectors.  Consumers use DPI GLOBAL technologies with the highest degree of confidence in their quality, efficacy, safety and reliability.

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